Eco-Friendly Construction

Ever since 1996 when Hale was established, the company has striven to be as sustainably responsible as possible. It’s a core value of ours which is reflected in how we design our energy efficient homes and how we run our Neath based business.

Alongside putting in place robust methods that ensure sustainability principles are equal across the business, we also strive to be innovative and think outside the box. For example, we recently installed biomass boilers to heat our Neath headquarters where Hale and Seven Oaks staff work. To fuel the boilers, we use offcuts from our sister timber company Seven Oaks. Not only does this ensure that resources are not wasted, it also saves on our energy consumption.

Our homes are created with cutting edge insulation techniques, using a foam insulation product called Trisowarm which cuts energy bills by up to 90%. As we’re currently the only BBA approved company creating homes with this technique we like to think we’re ahead of the curve.

Here’s what one of our employees, a Senior Designer for Seven Oaks had to say:
“We are always trying to advance towards our goal for a sustainable future in construction. We only use FSC and PEFC certified lumbar which is cut as accurately as possible through a computer optimized saw to minimize waste, with all offcuts being fed into our biomass boilers. In addition to this, the installation of solar panels provides enough energy to light the whole factory. This is a great place to work if you’re interested in learning more about sustainable construction” .