Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Act Statement

JG Hale Construction Ltd based in Neath, South Wales delivers major construction
projects for Local Authorities, Housing Associations and the private building market,
working with a wide range of subcontractors throughout Wales and West Country;
currently employing over 80 people.

JG Hale Construction Ltd aspires to manage its social, ethical and environmental
responsibilities by upholding the following key principles:

  • To treat employees fairly and equitably
  • To operate ethically and with integrity
  • To respect basic human rights and ensure that we and our supply chain conform to the Modern Slavery Act 2015
  • To sustain the environment for the future
  • To be a caring neighbour in our communities

In carrying out our operations we have a transparent procurement system that recognises Modern Slavery is a complex supply chain issue. We have implemented processes to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, our supply chain adheres to our expectations in respect to their workforce.

We use only reputable employment agencies to source labour and these are vetted during the procurement process to ensure compliance with the act.

All HR and procurement staff will be trained in the basic requirements of the act to raise awareness across the company in its compliance.

The company’s performance will be monitored annually and suppliers and
subcontractors not complying will be removed from the supply chain.

David Harrhy
Group Managing Director
Date: 28th June 2019