Birchgrove road, Swansea

The properties consist of 30 two bed flats and 4 bungalows built in the village of Birchgrove providing local affordable rental housing.

The properties are of timber frame construction produced by Hale Construction’s sister company Seven Oaks joinery.

3 storey flats were built including below level basement ground floor flats and Juliette balconies on 3 blocks providing exceptional views over the neighbouring valley of Morriston.

4 properties were purpose built for ease of access for disabled tenants.

Points of Interest
The site was once home to The Terrace Inn, Birchgrove. Knotweed was a challenge prior to construction on site. The nearby Primary School was consulted throughout to ensure H&S for pupils.

Contract: JCT Design & Build 2011
Contract Value: £3.3m
Construction Period: June 2010 – March 2012
Architect: Buckmaster Badcup
Engineer: ATEB
Client: Coastal Housing Group

Birchgrove road, SwanseaBirchgrove road, SwanseaBirchgrove road, Swansea